The Ashburn Girls Softball League supports recreational and tournament-level fast-pitch softball for girls in the Ashburn, VA area. The recreational league plays in the spring and fall for the 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U age groups.

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What are the differences between a Spring AGSL season and a Fall AGSL season?

During a Spring season, scores and standings are reported and displayed, and teams in 10U, 12U and 14U compete in a single-elimination playoff to determine age group champions.  All-Star teams are formed for the 8U, 10U and 12U age groups.  All players in all age group receive participation trophies.  Team pictures are taken only in the spring.

AGSL's Fall season is more instructional and less competitive than the Spring season.  No scores are reported or standings are kept.  There are no playoffs or All-Star teams.


What is the time commitment, and when do you practice and play games?

Each coach will select how many practices per week and what days they are going to fall on.  So we can't really tell you what days practices are going to fall on.  The typical time commitment for each division is as follows:

6u - 1 practice and Saturday games
8u - 1 practice, 1 batting cage, Monday night & Saturday game
10u - 1 practice, 1 batting cage, Tuesday night & Saturday games
12u - 1-2 practices, 1 batting cage, Wednesday night & Saturday games
14u - 1-2 practices, 1 batting cage, Wednesday night & Saturday games 


What equipment does the league provide?

The league will provide each player with a team jersey and socks. Each team will be provided with batting helmets, bats and catcher's protective gear. Players are welcome to purchase their own if preferred. Each player is required to provide their own softball pants, cleats, a glove and a protective face mask

Here is a checklist of items you will need, along with size charts for gloves, helmets and bats. 


How does AGSL assign players to teams?

10U and above is via a player draft by the coaches.  8U and below are assigned by the director of players


Can my League Age player move up an age group?

Players may request to move up an age division for either the Fall or Spring season by sending an e-mail request to the AGSL Director of Players. Requests to move up are considered on a case by case basis. During the spring season, a player may be asked to attend evaluations for two age levels if they have requested to play up. Note: All requests will be considered but we cannot guarantee that all will be honored.

Can my League Age player stay down an age group even though her DOB requires her to move up?

The league By-Laws prohibit a player from playing below her required age group


When are the practices and games?

Fall Season: Practices for the Fall AGSL season are expected to begin the last week of August.  AGSL will not schedule practices during Labor Day weekend, but managers will have the discretion to request practice fields for their team through the AGSL Scheduler.  Games for teams in all divisions are expected to begin the first to second week of September.  The Fall season ends the last week of October.  Due to the more instructional nature of AGSL's Fall season and dwindling daylight, playoffs during AGSL's Fall season and standings are not posted.
 Team-specific practice and game schedules for the Fall season are available until after Loudoun County finishes their field allocations in late August.

Spring Season: Practices are expected to begin around mid to the end of March, subject to change based on the weather and when Loudoun Parks and Recreation open the county fields.  The regular season generally starts in mid-April for all teams.  The regular season will end in late May or early June.

In addition:

  • Weeknight practices and games will generally start at 5:45pm or 6:00pm, except 5:30pm in the Fall due to limited daylight
  • Game times on Saturday vary by age division, with younger groups playing as early as 8:00AM and older groups playing as late as 6:00PM.
  • Typical game days  for each age division are 6U and 10U on Tue/Sat; 8U on Mon/Sat;12U and 14U on Wed/Sat
  • Scheduled days and times of play are subject to change depending on number of players/teams, field availability, holidays, and rainouts.
  • All dates are subject to change based on weather/field conditions and field availability.

Will we be able to pick our practice night?

Scheduling games and practices for dozens of teams and hundreds of players across more than 20 fields is a challenging effort.  The Director of Scheduling will determine the practice night(s) for each team.  AGSL attempts to use block scheduling (e.g., teams generally play the same day/night each week), but there may be times when you practice or play on a day other than your normal practice/game day.


Where will practices and games be played?

All of our games and practices will be scheduled in the immediate Ashburn area at fields within our league boundaries.  AGSL has access to a number of school and county fields.  The availability of these fields is subject to the discretion of Loudoun Parks and Recreation. 


Are games typically scheduled during holiday weekends?

Games will NOT be scheduled during the Loudoun County Spring Break period or Memorial Day weekend.


How many games will each team play?
The exact number of games played by each team will be determined based on total registration and field availability.

During a Spring AGSL season, teams in all age divisions (excluding 4U Tiny T-ball) will play approximately 12-15 games and the season ends with All Star games in the 8U, 10U and 12U age divisions.

During a Fall AGSL season, teams in all age divisions (excluding 4U Tiny T-ball) will generally play 10-12 games depending on field availability and available daylight for weeknight games.


Can my daughter play in the House League if she is also on a Travel Team? 

In order to ensure safety and fairness across player abillities/skill levels, players who are currently participating in a "B" travel team or above cannot participate on a house team. 


You can find more information on our League Operations and Rules in our Forms & Documents section.